Yellowstone National Park Trip Day 2

contd from Jackson Hole Via Bear Lake Trip Day 1

Next day, early in the morning(according to us), at 11.00 AM we checked out of the wonderful “Cowboy Village Resorts” and bid goodbye to Jackson Hole and continued to Yellowstone National Park. I was all excited about seeing the wildlife ,especially the Grizzly Bears,and could you believe my luck? Before we entered the park, I saw a couple of bears in the distance, I could hardly breathe and I nearly choked when I said out,” grizzly bear” . Ratish took a glance in the direction where I was looking and doubled up laughing. 😐 . He asked me how come the whole bear family is out? There were a lot of them actually,but that was just a herd of black and dark brown cows grazing. For the rest of the trip whenever Ratish spots a cow, he would start screaming, “grizzly Beaaaaaaaar”. :(.
We made our entry through Grand Teton. Till we reached Jenny Lake we didn’t find any animals. From South Jenny Lake Junction we took a shuttle Boat across and hiked from there up to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Hidden Falls was very beautiful, the white frothy water gushing all the while, was alluring. When we disembarked we were warned of finding bears , and so whenever we were alone on any trail, I kept thinking if we were trying to explore Pandora’s box.
This is my first hike after coming to US, and it was a terrific experience. Jenny Lake looked striking from up there.

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Rest of the drive was a bit monotonous except for a few deers and a moose and spectacular mountains and lakes. This was the first time I was seeing a deer and its fawn, we were very close to it, that didn’t seem to bother them, guess they were used to seeing crowd and looked like they were really aware about what would happen to anyone(by law) who hurt or annoyed them.
We visited Old Faithful Geyser . Yellowstone National Park has over 500 geysers and this place has severe winter, that people can’t endure. This was far from what I could fathom. Won’t such severe winter make the heat deep below subside to some extent? That left me wondering for a long time. Old Faithful is the world’s most famous geyser, as its name suggests this geyser has been faithful from the time it was discovered till date. It erupts every day with an average interval of 90 minutes
We had decided before starting the trip that we were visiting the Yellowstone IMax Theatre to watch their 3D effect movie, whatever they played.They were playing “Yellowstone” movie that night and since I couldn’t make any sense out of the technique behind geysers, we decided that we had to watch the movie. First of all I-Max was awesome. The whole story might make this post pretty long, so am putting the details in another post, Hot Wonders of Yellowstone
Still I don’t know how Old faithful Geyser erupts at correct intervals. The perfection of the geological forces that causes it is amazing . Even in winter the snow clad surface around the geysers are warm, so animals like bison lie around the geyser for some warmth. Walking by mudpots was really difficult because of the stench. Its caused by the hydrogen sulphide gas that escapes from the vent, this gas has the smell of rotten eggs. Pooh! We held our breath and walked the area.
For the night stay we had booked The Stage Coach Inn at yellowstone, and that was a terrible mistake. First of all the room was overpriced. But since this was a last minute plan and we didn’t want any more delayed booking we decided to take it. There was no proper parking area.We had reserved for a King size bed, but they gave us a Queen size bed with no reduction in rate. The size and quality of this room was less than average. Even the American prisons would have bigger bathrooms than what was there in our room. The shower place was so small that we could hardly stand straight inside that. All this for 130$.And finally when we complained about all this, came a purring “soorry”. That was the worst experience we had at any hotel.
Except for this we had a wonderful trip. Looking forward to our next one.

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