The Life Ahead

During the past one month there was a series of changes in my life. I got married on May 16th 2010 to Ratish Naroor, software engineer in US and a very passionate photographer. On May 16th I moved out of my house to my husband’s house and before even two weeks I have reached here in Utah state, USA. Every thing was happening so fast,  that i didnt even have the time to sense it. Those two weeks we had to travel a lot. Five days out of the two week sped off with the various wedding ceremonies and reception. And then visiting all my relatives in just one day, and his relatives the next day was really tiring. But with all of them so eager to feed us at each house, with hardly a gap of five minutes was supposed to be energising, but the fact was we were too tired of eating all varieties of food at a stretch. The next place we had to visit was Chennai for my visa interview. that was a days stay there and headed off to trivandrum, kerala. Thats where his dad is working currently, we had to meet a few family friends.Also we celebrated a short honeymoon at a resort there. The next day back to his native to pack up everything from there, a night’s stay there and off to my house to stay for a day with my parents and brother before we flew to US. Everything was spoiled by a hartal (I hate you BJP and CPI – They are political parties in India who loved calling hartals and halt the state for silly reasons ) announced to be on the day we had to leave, at Mahi which was was on the way to the airport.  We were forced to start a day before to avoid unnecessary tension and that totally ruined the stay at my house. Everything was happening so fast that i didnt even realize what was happening, i felt so numb when telling a bye to everyone, to my parents who were with me each day, without even knowing when i would be meeting them next. Our days there were not bland, it was all colourful and in full spree, but we were really tired with all this and the three flight we had to take to reach Utah from India really exhausted us. Am just two weeks and two days old in Utah today. There are a lot of things happening here around me as a fresher here. So here I am to blog about the formalities I had to complete to get here to US ; those that i will have to do to live here in Utah , mainly ;my experiences and about my life ahead here.

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