Moving Packing Tips

Collect boxes: Try getting boxes from your place of work, from friends, from stores or buy from moving companies like U-Haul.Our friend Anoop, working in Coke agreed to get us some boxes. So that solved our box problem.

Label boxes: Pack up section by section, and finish each section in a go. Label each and every box with entire contents, so that you know what is exactly there in each box. I also noted the location of contents in my house on the label. This made my unpacking easier, with the labels we knew where each box had to go; exactly . Also label the boxes which have fragile items. This way the person carrying the box will take care not to handle it roughly.

Another important thing, the box with knife has to be noted. This happened to me, long time back, when we were on a trip, my mom had put fruits and a knife in a paper bag. Though she had covered the knife edge with a cloth, the knife pierced out through it. So when I was trying to take something from the cover, my hand went straight on to the knife and I got a deep cut. From then I have been very careful when packing and unpacking knives.
When packing brickly items , stuff a lot of clothes,towels, linens,etc in between so that they don’t break. Even your pillows will help. So some of your clothes can be transported along with that. Do label this box too.

You might use suitcases to transfer your clothes. An easy way is to dump all your clothes in a large polythene like the ones we use for garbage disposal. It can hold large amounts of clothes

We dismantled all the furniture, as much as we could, to make it easier to move. We put the screws, bolts and other small pieces into a zip lock bag and labeled it. It can also be taped to the furniture, so that we know where it belongs.

The best way to move your computer is to take it in your car(if you are taking the car with you), rather than packing it in any box. If not, you will have to get an appropriate box, or if you have the box that your computer came in when you bought it, that would be the perfect choice.

I put all documents and important papers in a backpack, so that I could comfortably carry it with me till everything was transfered. I didn’t want to leave it with anyone.

Here,I have written only about “those few things” that we had to transfer.I guess many of you might have more things to be packed and moved .Still, I hope this was useful to you for packing “those few things”,atleast.

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