Life Or Death Fight For US Visa Appointment

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It was after engagement I heard from my fiance then Ratish,my husband now ,about the procedure for getting the H4 dependent visa issued. First one was making an appointment with VFS.  We wanted my interview date to be on 24th May. Wedding was on 16th May and we were occupied with some post-wedding  programs till 21st. And then it was a weekend , 24th or 25th would be fine . But if it went beyond that we would be in trouble because the return tickets were booked for 29th May,we wouldn’t get my visa issued passport on time. We were very confident about getting the appointment on 24th(not knowing about the terrific days that was to come).  I went into the site to check which dates were available. It was open only until the 13 th of May. I used to check each day and it came upto  21st May. So Ratish told me to be ready with the  documents ans details necessary for filing an appointment,the next day. So the next day i followed my recently formed new routine of checking the VFS site once after breakfast. Instead of finding 24th in the available dates page, there was a busy message. It said something like ” this is a busy season, lot of people are trying to make an appointment with vfs, so please come back again after 24 hours, we are trying to fix an appointment for as many people as possible”. So very obediently, I went back again in exactly 24 hours. It was still the same. This went on for two three days. Each day my obedience level was deteriorating, Iwas checking more frequently. One day i checked once after breakfast, lunch and dinner. The next day after tea also. The third day was every time after I went to pee. And after this I started becoming panicky and i was checking every 15 minutes. When my fiancee called up instead of saying Hey/hai /sweetheart , i would start off, the site is still not ” ooopeeen”. Do you think we will be able to fix up an appointment? Will I be able to come to US with you or will we be still talking over the phone for the next how many ever months. I just cant imagine staying away from you again. All this in one breath. He was equally worried too , but he would say everything will be fine. Once in a while i will miraculously be cool and then; perfectly; he will ask me, what if we have to stay apart for another few months? and thats it, I will start off with my dialogs and groans and moans. One fine morning, guess on 11th, I was really bent on fixing an appointment. So i set up an alarm and a snooze time for 5 minutes and started checking. And there came my lucky angel with 24th and 25th open. I didn’t know which one to choose that i wanted to pray and eliminate one out. Then I started filling the form, there are some three pages before you reach the date confirmation and by the time I got to that page 24th was filled and gone. With trembling hands i selected 25th and confirmed it. It started processing and there came the message, sorry 27 is the only available date now. God!!! That was really so depressing. But isn’t this what they say Try,try again and again and again. I did that too,tried again and again, all the time. That was the only thing I did for 2 or 3 days apart from my routine, eat take bath, check, sleep. I even kept alarm and got up at midnight and early in the morning thinking traffic would be very less at that time . My parents  got so worried and they were like,” what the heck if you can’t go now, you will look like a zombie for the wedding”. I got so tired of sitting in front of the computer. It was just three days before the wedding , and I was having no fun and that was really insane, I was not enjoying at all. So I decided this was completely fate play. Time was fixed for everything, so when time comes for me to get the visa, the appointment also will come with it. On 13th I had to go online for something and I just went into the site just like that and there was my 24th. I calmly went and got my documents and came and filled it, confirmed it and there I got my appointment fixed.
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And that second I was thinking , why couldn’t have I  trusted in fate before and waited patiently for it to come rather than making it so complicated. Might be what happened was fate too , that I had to worry so much before I got my visa appointment, a life / death fight.
Moral: Wait till Fate takes your Bait.
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