Jackson Hole Via Bear Lake Trip Day 1

July 4th was a much awaited holiday, it was the first break we would be taking in nearly one and a half months; after our wedding. May sped off with our wedding shopping, wedding, reception, visiting relatives, flying to Chennai for the visa interview. All we had was 2 weeks, spent in different parts of Kerala and 2 days in Chennai. Reached US on June 30th, sometime went off with jetlag, sometime went off with unpacking, and again repacking and moving to a new house.
By the time we finished setting it up we knew that we had to have some fun and was so happily waiting for July 4th. The plan was to visit Grand Teton and Yellow Stone and stay there for a night each. As usual our plan for packing early and sleeping early the night before leaving, flopped. We started packing at 11 PM. And of course our departure time got postponed from on or before 7.00 AM to 9.30 AM. Whatever!!! Finally we started. 🙂 .

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Our GPS took us through a really interesting route, the roads were going in between the mountains and there were a lot of brooks, the water was so freezing. We halted at Bear Lake for a while on the way, it was really beautiful and I have decided to go there for our next trip. The blue waters was really tempting.

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We were heading to Jackson hole for the nights stay. We reached there at around 5.30 in the evening. We were staying at the Cowboy Village Resorts. We had booked for a cabin and it was really nice. It was a wooden cabin, every part of it was done with wood, there was a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen area(equipped with all necessary utensils), a drawing room and dining area. There was a bench and table outside too, in the lawn and verandah. And a barbecue griller. Wow!!!. Only thing we were staying there only for a night and leaving the next morning.

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That was too short to enjoy such a wonderful cabin.
We got there ,took a shower,and went out for a walk. There was a cowboys show at Town Square . We were lucky, we got there just before they started.They do the show every day at 6.00 PM . It was a fun show, but all kids were terrified with their gun shots. To be frank, even I was startled by each shot till the end of the show.
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The Jackson city has a lot of art and antique museums and lots of photography exhibitions. I have to say each piece I saw there was mind blowing. The antique sculptures were so huge and each of them breathed life (picture along with the cabin picture). Even the paintings, they didn’t look like paint on a canvass , but a real photograph. So now can you tell me how a photograph there looked like? Of course those looked so real and alive. Climate was fine in the evening, but as darkness crept over , I started feeling really cold. Thanks to Anoop and Keerthana, our friends, who insisted that i carry Keerthana’s winter jacket. They predicted it right that it will be too cold for me since I hadn’t experienced the US winter yet. We devoured a delicious dinner at Ape-Thai and headed back to our cabin with glow stick bangles on our hands (I had five and Ratish had just one, wasn’t that mean of him?), through the dark streets,with everyone who passed us staring at our hands:). But the bangles helped us to cross the roads, we just had to raise our hands, and those in the driving seat could see us from quite a distance and slow down. 🙂 The bed was really cosy, I cuddled up to him for warmth and closed my eyes, and there I was in a cowboy world with horses and sculptures and red Indians.
To be Contd…. Day 2 at Yellowstone National Park

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