Home Shifting

Need for shift:
Our (first)apartment in The Falls At The Hunters Point, was sufficient when Ratish was staying alone. But once I moved in after our wedding, we felt the space was not good enough for us. It was a two bedroom apartment, but the second bedroom was like a den room.

I didn’t have a prayer room. I knew it was impossible to set out a separate room for praying, but I wanted a tidy,calm corner atleast. If we had any guests staying home, then they would have to use the den room. So I didn’t want to set my pooja (prayer) table there,and make the den room even more small.

Our bedroom was already stuffed with the computer and its accessories and my dresser.So there was no place there either. There was no attached bath. There was only a common bathroom, which, our guests had to use too. The lease of the apartment was getting over in a month.So finally we decided we could do with a little more space.

So we decided to move to a three bedroom apartment in the same apartment complex, but again the third room was the den. But that didn’t matter,we had enough space . So next step was packing up. I didn’t have trouble with my clothes because I hadn’t unpacked completely due to the no space problem. But Ratish’s clothes, that was really a lot. The new apartment was three blocks behind the old one. . So we decided to rent a U-Haul , and transfer everything in 1 or 2 trips. Thankfully, we had a few friends who came over and helped us shift.

I got some few house shifting tips from my friends who had this shifting experience,and that did help us to get things done faster.
So here are some packing tips/moving tips on how to pack at
moving packing tips.

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