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Here is what happens at the consulate. You have to report 15 minutes prior to your appointment is what they say. But be a little early and not too early. If your appointment is at 9.30 they won’t let you enter inside before 8.30 or 8.45. My appointment was at 9.30. So I got there at around 8.30 and stood in the queue. There is a counter outside the consulate to check your appointment letter. I reached that counter at around 8.45. There was an old couple standing in front of me in the queue. Their appointment was at 10. They were not let inside. Sad part was they were asked to go back and stand in the queue which was pretty long by then.
Inside you have to undergo a security check. No electronic equipments are allowed inside(cell phone, ipod,etc) and cds. These are strictly prohibited. Next section where there will be a lot of counters , you will be called based on your time slot. Now there are some documents that needed to be submitted to the interviewer, the officials in these counters will arrange the documents in the right order as would be needed by the interviewers and give it to you. Its all Indians who do this part. After this you might have to wait for a little while before you take up your interview. I had seen people heading to a different block for taking their interview. But when I was getting my documents arranged a lady came and took up one of the counters there and I was sent there to take up the interview. All interviewers are Americans.

Its a one to one interview, they know we are not fluent with their accent , so they will make sure that we can catch every word they say. If you don’t get something you can tell them pardon. If your interviewer is very jovial you can be that way too, but if he/she is cordial try to be pleasant throughout. For dependent visa , the aim of the interview is only to understand if you are married to your spouse. So most of the questions will pertain to your marriage and spouse. My interviewer was shooting out questions very rapidly, just to check if I was really confident. If I was not really married and I had just learned my spouse’s and wedding details ,then I would have faltered at some point.

My interview went like this

When I got to the counter she said a hai and asked for the documents, I gave the whole set as they had arranged it. She just checked everything quickly and started the questions

Q. Is this your first H4?
A. Yes
Q. When did you get married?
A. May 16 (my interview was on May 24th)
Q.Can i see your marriage certificate and wedding album?
A. Sure Mam (and handed it)
Q. How long have you known your husband?
A. Four months.
Q. Can I see your husband’s employment letter?
A. Yes mam (Hand it over).
Q. How did you meet your husband?
A. Ours was an arranged marriage, so our parents arranged for us to meet.
Q. How was the wedding arranged? (Her question was how did the whole thing start, who initiated it and how was it finally confirmed, I actually got her wrong first. I thought it was merely the wedding day arrangements, so she repeated the question stressing on each word. When she knew I didn’t understand she gave me a hint like how did it start)
A. I gave a brief description about it.
Q. How many people were present at the wedding?
A. Around 300
Q. Have you finished your studies?
A. Yes, I finished my under graduation.

She said Your visa will be issued and forwarded to the address you have given. I said thanks a lot mam with a big smile and left.

Some extra questions
Q.Where is your husband staying?
A. Give the city name . You need not know the house address by heart, if they ask for it, show the address in utilities bill.
Q. Where is his office located?
A. Give the city name.
Q.Who are his clients?
Q. Where is the company head quarters located?
Q. What is he?
Q. What is his birth date? (answer the date with year)
Q. When did he get his stamping?
Q.When are you planning to fly back?
Q. Are you going back together?
Q. Are you planning to work in the US?
A. Should be no. They don’t appreciate you working.
Q.Are you planning to study in the US
A. they don’t mind that. So go ahead with your answer… y/n.
Q. What is your husband’s annual income?
Q. What did you study?
Be patient when answering, be precise, because, as you know many people are waiting to take up the interview behind you, so they don’t have time to listen to extra details. Try to answer only what is asked. Your H4 Visa is valid till your spouse’s H1B visa is valid.
You can’t work in US with H4 Visa.It is possible to change your H4 Visa to H1B Visa to work in the US, either you can take a degree in the US and then apply for a job, or if you have good work experience you can try for jobs here;and ask the company to apply your H1B. They will do that only if you prove to them that you will be an asset to them. At present, under Obama administration getting H1B visa is really tough. Also, there was a recent update about a bill under consideration, which would allow dependents of H1B visa holders to work, while their Green card process has started, which is Before Receiving EAD. 🙂 Great, right?

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  1. Ashwini Patil Says:
    July 31, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    was a bit tensed abt d interview.. u made it a bit easy for me…
    n a bit relaxed too..

  2. thanks a lot shiniga…..hope we will meet one day

  3. hiiiiii…..
    my husband apply the visa extenction that approved in 5 day’s back in how many days comming from the documents in wipro company. and he is apply the visa in me

  4. Hi Deepthi, I am sorry but I didn’t get your question. Can you please come clear? Thank you.

  5. hi shiniga,
    thanx i am very nervous abt my interview.. but after reading your blog i m relaxed a bit..!! 🙂
    thanx a lot..!!

  6. Hi Piyu, No problem. Glad to know this helped you. I was pretty nervous on my interview day too. All the best to you. Everything will go great. 🙂

  7. hi shiniga,

    thanx for ur suggestions….

  8. Hi Manasa. You are welcome. Glad to know you found it helpful.

  9. Shiniga..Your series of blog on the VISA was very helpful to me to learn about the H4 VISA process. Thanks for sharing:)

  10. You are welcome Rashmi. Wish you good luck for your visa interview. When will you be taking it?

  11. Hiii…shiniga

    This is asha..i hav seen ur brief description about H4 visa check list and interview process… i got married on january 25th 2012..my husband working in U.s after my marriage he left to u.s.. now im gn’g for H4 interview..he is sending all required documents from his side through mail…so here i hav one doubt there u mentioned that we hav to show ORIGINAL I 129,I797A,LCA of the husband…can’t we show copies of these documents because rt now he is in u.s how can he send all these by post..please give me ur valuable information



  12. Urvashi Says:
    July 26, 2012 at 1:52 am

    Hi Shiniga,

    Is it necessary to have the wedding album and so? I am not going have a social wedding so is the marriage certificate prrof enough or they doubt that?
    Also if you would be kind enough to share the timeline as to how long the whole process took, the important landmarks etc. it would be really helpful..

  13. Urvashi Says:
    July 26, 2012 at 1:55 am

    One more thing, is it necessary to have your spouse’s name on your passport? Did you have that in your case after re-issuing your passport?

  14. shiniga Says:
    July 26, 2012 at 2:06 am

    Hello Urvashi, thanks for visiting my blog,hope you found it useful. It is said to be necessary and they do flip through it atleast for a couple of seconds. I think you could take some pictures of the registration, or if there are no way to get some pics of the wedding, then you can explain it to them when they ask for the album. But it is an important proof. So it would be better if you could get some pictures of the wedding event, however you have it. Hope you understand what I am trying to tell. This last time when we went for visa interview it took us almost an hour and a half to finish all the formalities and come out, with respect to the appointment time. So it should be approximately the same. I did not understand the landmarks part. Could you make it a bit more clear? Thank you.

  15. shiniga Says:
    July 26, 2012 at 2:08 am

    Hello Urvashi, it is not compulsory to have spouse’s name on your passport. 2 years after our wedding, I have still not changed my last name. But it is important to have a last name and first name on your passport. The surname space should not be left empty. Good luck with your visa process. Do let me know if you have further questions.

  16. shiniga Says:
    July 26, 2012 at 2:12 am

    Hello Asha,
    I am very sorry about the delayed reply. I am not sure if you have already finished the visa process. I am not sure about this. But practically thinking, I guess in this case copies are allowed. If you are still looking to find out, pls let me know, I will confirm this with friend who was in a similar situation and let u know. Thanks.

  17. Hi Shiniga,
    Thanks for your reply 🙂 I really found ur blog helpful 🙂 I got the part abt the wedding album..

    The time I wanted to know was not the time taken at the consulate but the time it took for the whole process. from the time of application to the time of travel.

    By important landmarks i meant like my fiance’s H1 has some stages in it like review etc. Is it the same for H4?

  18. Hi i am ashwini. I had tried for tourist visa three times in 1 calender year,and i was denied all the 3 times.I had applied with my sister in law who wanted to go for medical purpose. She got the visa second time,but not me. Now i am married and my husband is on H1 visa there. What are the chances of getting the H4 visa in my case after previous rejections even if I have all the documents?

  19. Hi Ashwini,
    How are you? Sorry to say this,but there is no way to predict very accurately about your chances of getting visa. This is totally up to the consulate people. I have a friend who got rejected twice when she applied for F-4 visa, but later when she applied for H-4 she cleared it without any hassle. All the three times she had all the necessary documents. So I cannot make a prediction or guess how it would turn out to be. All we can do is hope for the best. Was there a particular reason they mentioned for rejecting your visa earlier? If there was a reason, do make sure that doesn’t happen this time. Good luck!!! 🙂

  20. hi shiniga
    thnk you,,, all information is really helpful.
    i need to ask you one question i have scheduled my appoinment for 28th jan 2012, we have all the documents but my passport ds nt have any surname, i have seen some information regarding this according to them thats not really necessarily to have surname on your passport, but when i was applying for the appointment system was asking me for surname, thats why i put my first name as my surname, i am really doubtful about this,, can you pls help me in this matter

  21. Hi Shreya,

    Sorry for the delay in the reply. Have been caught up with my trip to India and jet lag.

    In USA, I have seen your last name is used in every place where your name is needed. They use the last name to track you more than your first name. The visa appointment system requiring the last name shows this. Since you have entered your first name as your surname, now there would be a discrepancy in the surnames on your passport and the form, which is usually frowned up on. I don’t know exactly what actions they would take now. At the time when I applied in 2010, I was told visa would not be issued without a surname, and hence I changed my passport. There are chances they could add an Unknown Last Name(ULN) tag, which will not be very convenient, though it would work.Refer to this link http://newdelhi.usembassy.gov/nonimmigrant_visas/frequently-asked-questions.html. Time is a constraint in your case, so I am not sure about what could be done now. If you had enough time, I would have definitely asked you to change the passport with the right names. You cannot change the details on the application form also now, since the barcode has also been issued for the appointment. . Let me know what you think. I am sorry, I am not able to be of much help at this point.
    PS: Here is some more info which you might want to consider doing. http://www.path2usa.com/forum/showthread.php?46803-Can-i-resubmitt-my-DS-160-application-again-after-submitting.


  22. bharti gupta Says:
    February 18, 2013 at 3:28 am

    hi, shiniga
    i have read ur blog and i feel that is very helpful for h4 visa but one more thing i want to ask u if u have any expereince of h4 visa in case of minor please share it thanks

  23. Hello,
    i will be having my H4 interview shortly……im very nervous….
    Does H4 visa also have rejections??
    Or it is easy to clear out??
    Plz help me

  24. Hello Shirin,

    If you have all the documents I listed, it should be perfectly fine. Answer with confidence, even if they don’t speak well. Answer all the questions clearly. Good Luck! You will get the visa for sure. Let me know how it went.


  25. Hello Bharti,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I don’t know much about applying visa for a minor. But, for all dependents the document list is the same, except for some difference like, instead of marriage certificate, you would need the birth certificate to prove relationship, etc. I am not sure if there are any other distinct documents needed for this case. Anyways,I have to start researching on that. Thanks for bringing it up.


  26. hello Shiniga,
    Your blog is really helpful but have some few doubts regarding my case. To begin with i got married on 14 Jan 2012 and have a marriage certificate for the same .
    We had applied for a visa application in August 2012 and suppose to go for a VISA Interview but suddenly my inlaws medical condition became critical and i had to stay back to look after them hence i could not go for the visa interview in 2012 and our visa application form and fees paid were a total waste.

    Now we are palnning to go for a visa interview in December as my inlaws medical treatment will be over by then. Hence my question to you is during the process of interview will the consulate ask a question that when i got married in January 2012 then why i did not go to my husband till December 2013.

    My Answer to them would be that, my inlaws medical treatment was going on and as my husband is the only son hence i had to stay back to look after them but my dilema is that will this answer will be acceptable at the interview and will this answer fill the gap to me not staying with my husband for 2yrs.

    Waiting for your response on the same.

    Thank You,


  27. Hello Soniya,

    There could definitely be a question about this. I would recommend carrying some proof for showing you in-law was not feeling well. And explain the situation as you have written here. The proof should make it acceptable I guess. Let me know if there are more questions. Good Luck!


  28. Hello shiniga,
    I have seen ur blog it is very helpful,but i have some doubts if any one ask me in the interview how was the wedding arranged what i have to ans

  29. In the month of dec 2013 i got married & it is a arranged.

  30. Hello Sindhu,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. You can answer exactly how it happened. Start with how the alliance came, through a marriage bureau or relatives, etc. Then explain how your parents arranged for you to meet. And since everything seemed good, the decision was made. Hope that makes it better. Let me know.


  31. Hi,

    May I know how long will it take to get the H4 Visa after the Interview process?

  32. shiniga Says:
    May 29, 2013 at 7:27 am

    Hello Ria,

    I think its only 2 business days or less if you are collecting it in person from the Chennai consulate. I am not sure about others. My sister-in law just attended her interview last Thursday at Chennai consulate and she received the passport by post to our Kerala address on Tuesday. They usually do a Blue Dart priority delivery. So might be you would want to check how many business days that would be for your address. Hope this helps.


  33. Hi Shiniga,

    I dont have my original birth certificate. do they ask for it or the xerox copy will do. Waiting for your valuable reply 🙂

  34. shiniga Says:
    June 10, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Hello Geetha,

    I think xerox copy should work fine. Actually, for which visa category are you applying? Birth certificate is more important when you are applying for your parent’s visa. If this is for you, they usually don’t ask for birth certificate. But we just keep it for formality sake. Hope this helps. Good luck for your interview.


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