H4 Visa Documents Requirements Complete List

This post is sort of a sequel to my post “H4 Spouse US Visa Procedure explained” . Here I want to write about the documents which are required for attaining the H4 dependent US visa .
Checklist For H4 Visa 2010 Interview:

1. Printout of the confirmation page
This is the form with your confirmation number. Your photograph in the printout should be clear enough.

2. US Visa size photograph
As far as I know they don’t ask for the photograph anywhere in the consulate. But keep a picture for safer side. From 2010 , the photograph is passed to the Consulate through uploading in the DS-160 form in VFS website application.

3. HDFC Bank receipts
Take both the receipts (Blue and Pink) with you. The blue receipt will be taken at the consulate and the pink one can be kept with you.

4. Printout of the Appointment Letter
Get a printout of the page that has the confirmed appointment date and time. Report atleast 15 minutes before the interview.

5. Your Passport
I am sure you won’t forget that. Of course, if your interview was successful the passport will be taken by them, visa will be issued in the passport and sent you back through blue dart courier service.

6. Principal Applicant’s Passport copies (photo copies of all pages)
In the H4 visa case the principal applicant is your spouse. So you need to carry his photocopies of all pages in the passport. No page should be missing. You might be asked to submit this.

7. Employer Letter
This should be issued by your spouse’s employer to prove that your spouse is working under that company,to prove that he has a job .

8. Original Marriage Certificate
Original marriage certificate should be produced to the interviewer if asked. Be careful that the name and address in the passport and marriage certificates match. It will be given back after verification.

9. Wedding Invite
Sometimes they might ask for a wedding invite, sometimes both, sometimes they don’t ask at all.

10. Wedding album
You don’t have to take the entire huge wedding album. That might not even go through the glass counter, there is only a small counter through which you can pass your documents to the interviewer. When I went for my interview there was a lady who got the entire album. Just get a small album, keep all the pictures that shows the important wedding pictures like putting the sindhoor, going around the agni, tying the sacred chain/thaali/mangalsutra.

11. Tax and Pay Stubs
This is the tax return statements or the W-2. If any of these are asked you have to produce your spouse’s W-2 and pay stubs.
W-2 form shows the tax returned to your spouse . In US the tax system is different, the government takes the tax amount straight from your salary and the rest is given to you. Generally they take more money than actually needed
and after settling they return the remaining amount as tax return. Pay stub shows your spouse’s salary. With that they can be sure that the salary is enough to take care of your needs too.

12. I 129,I 797A, LCA
These are the most important documents to your spouse, he/she can’t live without these in the US. Get the original and a copy.The copy will be taken by your interviewer.

13. Bank Statement
This statement shows your spouse’s bank balance . This might/might not be asked.

14. Utilities
You can keep 2 or 3 of your spouse’s utility bill like gas or electric bill or cable. This is for address proof .

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4 Responses to “H4 Visa Documents Requirements Complete List”

  1. I’m a H1b visa holder working in USA.Now my husband from India went to an interview to Chennai consulate on 06/16/2011,but his visa has refused under section (212)(A)(4) with the reason of my”short of salary”. & it was true ,I showed low salary.But after this incident my employer rised my salary. Now my question is after how long my husband has to re-apply again & how much salary I ‘ve to show? one more question that I read on every website that applicant has to bring a demand draft at the time of an interview along with other required document.What kind of payment that? For how much sum should be?

  2. Hi Aruna. Sorry for the delayed reply. He has to apply after 6 months of rejection. I didn’t get what you meant by how much salary. I mean you will have to provide your pay stubs, which will have the salary you are receiving. So that is what you will have to show. Demand draft, I didn’t carry any with me. The only money I payed was the visa interview fee in the HDFC bank. Sorry, but I Don’t know about the demand draft. If I get any information about it, I will surely update you.

  3. Sandhya Says:
    July 12, 2013 at 6:35 am

    Hi Shiniga

    WHat do you mean complete passport of the primary applicant?

    All printed pages, right? including the cover?

    Pl explain. I have my interview (H4) next week

  4. shiniga Says:
    July 12, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Hi Sandhya,

    As I have written, copies of all the pages in the passport, and not the cover of course, but from your photo page to parents details page. Hope that helps.


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