H4 Spouse US Visa Procedure explained

Once I finished my H4 visa interview successfully I thought I should be sharing this information with someone, before I forget the step by step procedure. Though to everyone else getting a US dependent visa looks like a lethargic process, is it so to the newly married couples or the about to be wed love birds? No………. Its really a pain, because if rejected your partner is not flying to anywhere close by leaving you here. I had thought the visa interview was a formality sake custom, just walk in there with your marriage certificate, and we get our visa. But then I got to know, it might not be all that easy, they might ask a lot of questions if they don’t get the answers they expect from you,clear and precise, no over talking,no swallowing of details. I thought I could attend the interview with my husband, but since he had got his re-stamping four months back even that was impossible. So now this became a bad dream . But the most important thing needed there is confidence. So I tried practicing to keep my cool, and i thought all the documents required for attending the interview were really complex, but once I went through it I knew it was really simple.
So Lesson 1:
Be really confident when answering them. They screw you up with questions only when you make them dubious about your intent.
For a dependent visa interview the main aim of the interviewer is to find out if the relationship status you claim to have with your spouse/H1B visa holder is true. They generally don’t appreciate you(H4 visa holders) working in US.

Lesson 2:
You should have your surname and given name entered correctly in passport. We would have given no importance to that so far when in India. But if you are coming to US for any purpose other than visit, you can’t survive here without surname. Any documentation here will ask for that, including the visa. So if you don’t have that right , renew your passport with the correct names. I had to get my passport renewed because of this mistake. So given name is your first name and surname is your family name/father’s name/initials expanded.
Check out the above mentioned issue detailed here – no surname/no first name

Lesson 3:
Next step is to pay the fee at HDFC bank and get the fee receipts. This should be payed at approved HDFC banks depending on the US counsalate where you will be taking up the interview. The location of the US counsulate will be determined by your STATE OF RESIDENCE . Be careful with your name entry again. If its wrong, you will have to change this by paying the full amount again for a new receipt. A confusion in this might be an unnecessary risk factor. Be careful not to irritate your interviewer with carelessness. The HDFC bank will issue two receipts – one pink and the other blue,of which one will be taken by your interviewer.

Next is filling your DS-160 form . All the questions are simple, and can be answered easily. Be sure to enter all the details correct.
Lesson 4: You will be asked to upload a photo for the form. The US visa picture has some criteria to be met, and that are very necessary. There are some photographers who claim to know how to take the US visa picture, but give the passport size photo. The size of the photo should be 2 inch by 2 inch is the basic criteria apart from the other technical details of the photograph. If that itself is not met then do give him a knock on his head. Once you have filled the DS-160 and submitted you will get a confirmation code number .

Lesson 5:
Fixing an appointment,you need your passport number ,HDFC bank receipt number and confirmation code to fix an appointment with the VFS. You can choose the date apt for you, but the time will be automatically assigned by them. Supposed to be the easiest part,but I had a bad time.It is said that the appointment for a particular date will be opened only exactly 14 days before. But in May when I booked mine it was a real disaster like I wrote in my previous post ” Life or Death Fight For a US Visa Appointment” . The dates were opening and closing in a cyclic pattern. I don’t know if that was how it was; or there were openings because of cancellations. But it was happening in a cycle and sometimes it was only open for 5-10 minutes. I couldn’t understand if that date was getting filled so quickly. Don’t know the exact reason behind it, VFS customer care maintained a constant reply that “its all happening the normal way. Such reopenings are not there. Keep trying”. It was a busy period for sure. So be cautious and be prepared , sometimes this can eat you also up. I completed and confirmed my appointment, in the third attempt after i saw my favourable date opened.

Wish you all the best for the H4 interview

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