About me

I was Miss.Shiniga Gangadharan, from Kerala(state),in India. So far I had spent most of my life in Kannur, in Kerala, except for four (awesome ) years in Chennai(India), where I did my graduation in Electronics and Communication engineering. After my engineering I took a 6 months break. Before I could think about higher studies or start my job hunt , something incredible happened. Guess what??? My wedding bells started ringing. Ratish Naroor was my perfect one. Got married in May 2010 and I moved to Salt Lake City,Utah where he is working. It was an arranged marriage;totally.
Now I am Mrs.Shiniga Ratish, a homemaker in the US. At present I am spending my timecooking,travelling, reading (a lot, Ratish has set up a mini library at home), and blogging my experiences here.I got introduced to the blogosphere through Ratish,till then blogging was a word I had never heard of. I am busily collecting tips, these days, to cialis 20mg make my blog better and better.
The Americanised lifestyle is a big change for me,since I hail from a place, which was neither as simple as a village, nor as complex as a city. Almost everything is automated here. Most weekends we travel some where. We go for hiking atleast twice a month. And am indeed excited to be sharing all those with you. As I mentioned I have been reading a lot these days. Many a time I feel I should share the wonderful things I learn, on my blog. I don’t want to stop with that… I want to write about my little garden, my beautiful home, my beliefs, my thoughts and on and on. I hope you enjoy it.