A different approach to learning

I am a person who is extremely frustrated with the normal schooling style of fixed subjects and less option to concentrate on my favourite field. I used to hate sitting in the classroom, waiting for my teacher to lecture about those interesting things ,straight from the book, and make it as uninteresting as possible. I wanted this kind of education style to change. But I never knew what a possible solution could be or if there could be a solution, because every time I come up with an idea, there will be a loophole somewhere, and finally i made myself believe that this was how it was supposed to be.

But finally, now I found some interesting way. I am doing a project with Mary Ann Johnson,the TJED closet coach on her homeschooling blog . Anyone who has kids and love them so much enough,not to burden them with education and want a creatively educating style,this blog is a must for you. Her primary focus is on using “The Closet” as an educational tool to inspire kids to learn. Her teachings are based on The Thomas Jefferson Education method. Here the system is not to burden children with a set of common subjects that everyone should learn. Parents should search for a spark in the kids, an unusual liking that they show toward something, and then inspire the kids to ask more questions, and familiarise them with stuff that are related to the spark. So here there is no coaxing and teaching, but just answering questions and taking them to a world filled with their interests and teaching them there. But they do learn everything what is taught at school (math, science, language) before its time to apply to a university as per the system. It happens in phases. Do check out the blog for more details.

She doesn’t wish to confine her teaching only for home schoolers . So this closet concept can be applied to all children. I am also not a big fan of day care, we should spend time with our kids atleast till they start going to school. The reason everyone would give is, if they don’t start learning now, then they won’t be able to keep up in school. But when we can bring forth little scientists in our home, then why keep them so far away? Visit the blog for all the fun ideas and simple things in your house that can be used to inspire and teach them.

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