Hurry Burry Wedding

It was really a tiring,exciting and what not experience to get married in May 2010. This year with a very long and hot summer was really exhausting. And the thought of getting married in May, the supposed to be wedding month in Kerala,(April and May has a lot of weddings, because its vacation time or whatever, am really not very sure) was really scary. We didnt have a better time to keep our marriage because that was the time when almost all our relatives could join us. Our wedding was held at the Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple a very famous temple in Kerala. A lot of weddings are held in this temple these days. Our wedding was held on May 16th, it was “Akshaya Trithiya” that day , a very auspicious day for the Hindus. So we were sure there would be a lot of weddings happening that day. There was a malayalam movie based on a real incident that happened in Guruvayur on a very crowded day like this. The bride and groom got exchanged. So a lot of people were wishing us good luck for such misfortunes shouldn’t strike us and that too from right after our engagement in December. Would these wishes have alleviated or aggravated our tension?Two weeks before the wedding we got the news that there were around 250-300 weddings on that day at the temple.  Did we have to hear anything more for our B.P to shoot up? May 1st week had a very unpredictable climate, it was raining suddenly, and immediately after that the scorching sun was out, to set out a fire. Both were pretty bad for a wedding. Either ways we would be dripping wet; we get wet at the temple or we sweat at the auditorium under the summer heat combined with the camera lights. It was so crowded, close your eye for a split second and you are lost. We didn’t want any switching happen there , so we held our hands tight till we got to the mandapam (an elevated platform where the wedding takes place). It was shocking to see the number of brides and grooms waiting to get married. All I could see were brides and grooms , all dressed up; and fighting in that crowd to get onto the mandapam. The kerala bride is adorned with such a lot of things that its really difficult to manage. On my wedding day after i got dressed up someone had to nudge me and i would lose my balance. I really dont know how those brides managed. God really blessed us, that we could go up on really soon. The rest happened in a trance. It was really a din there. The sound was so deafening that we could hardly here what the thanthri was asking us to do. He was screaming at the top of his voice so that we could hear something, he has to guide us to complete the wedding ritual. Only our parents and siblings and a very few lucky relatives saw the “Thaali Kettu”, tying the sacred chain around my neck. Most of the people didn’t even realise the wedding was over. It was a two minute wedding. We came down and the first thing we told to everyone was, no exchange we got the right person. It was really hot that day, and since Ratish had come down from US after a long winter he really had a tough time, drenched in sweat through out. I was sweating too, but i was totally distracted with the weight i was carrying, looots of jasmine on my hair, my jewellery the saari, two garlands. I nearly sprained my back and neck. Ooh! Once in a lifetime. But that was really an experience. Colourful, elated, blissful, nervous, tension filled, tiring. A real once in a lifetime experience.
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